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Aug 10, 2018

There are many reasons why people become nurses. And there are many reasons why nurses frequently switch jobs. But the number one reason most nurses stay in a job may surprise you. Learn what makes a good team, fosters the best work environment—and most of all—can keep you fully-engaged in your nursing career.


CONTACT HOURS available:

The lecture was recorded in October 2017 by UW Continuing Nursing Education at the Update in Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference in Seattle, WA.

The handout Cheri refers to in the podcast is available when you register for contact hours. (See above.)



Constantino-Shor, MSN, RN, CRNI, CMSRN
Postoperative Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Swedish Medical Center 



"Cheri Constantino-Shor did an incredible talk. She is an excellent speaker."

"She has such energy for nursing and is a true leader in what it means to do self care and care for our peers."

"One of the most interesting speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing."